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I’m on a mission to free men from compulsive sex and porn addiction!

Do you want to just talk to someone who does not know what porn addiction is  like?

Do you want to just talk about the problem?


Ask your self:

  • Are your burning days of your life watching porn?
  • Do you feel shame or guilt?
  • Are your relationships suffering because of porn?
  • Have you watched porn at work?
  • Have you injured yourself acting out?

Get 60 minutes of Powerful Personal Coaching for free:

I sincerely want to help you. I know how devastating this addiction can be. Do you want this to get any worse? NO! OF COURSE NOT! I implore you to stop this train before you lose your job, your family, or even your life!

The Benefits:

  • You will feel more powerful and confident
  • Shorten the time it takes you to quit
  • No more shame
  • No more guilt
  • Finally have self esteem
  • Self respect again
  • Stop wasting precious time!

There’s a cost every time you watch porn.

Is it costing you money! Think of the productive things you could do with that time!

Porn destroys:

  • Your relationships
  • Your self respect
  • Your money
  • Your job…yes men get fired every day for viewing porn at work!
  • Your health

Talking with me will break the secret. We are as sick as our secrets! I will show you HOW TO TAKE YOUR POWER BACK when you are triggered to act out.

Every time you act out to porn, you are literally giving away your life force…your power! If you had confidence or your power, WHAT JOB WOULD YOU GO FOR? WHAT WOMEN WOULD YOU ASK OUT? WHAT GOAL COULD YOU ACHIEVE!

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Craig Perra founder of the Sex and Porn Addiction Mindful System.

“Powerful Eric is a great man and a great coach. I highly recommend him to help you break free from the struggles of sex addiction and porn addiction. I had the privilege of coaching Eric when he was at his lowest – consumed by porn and living an underachieving life. It was a honor to see him through recovery and then blossom into an amazing coach. I personally trained him and am so proud of his success, especially considering he spent over two decades trying countless porn and sex addiction programs. Trust me when I tell you, he’s been there and he knows the way out.”