Why Quit Porn?

I was just speaking with a new client. He is very well off. He is very successful and he has a lot of money, but he is miserable.  Why? Because he can’t stop compulsively, masturbating to porn. He doesn’t feel congruent. He doesn’t feel on the inside what he projects on the outside. On the outside everyone sees the happy, healthy billionaire, but on the inside, he feels like shit. I’m no billionaire, but I can relate. I remember giving a presentation in front of a large group.  I was talking about having a mission, passion, persistence, self-responsibility and attitude. Then I had a flash in my mind of me masturbating to porn the night before, and I got tongue tied. I recovered, but I knew it was because of porn.

Have you had this experience? You meet someone new socially or in business. You shake their hands. Your confidence is lacking because you know, you were just whacking it to porn. Perhaps you give the dead fish handshake. The dead fish handshake can indicate a limp dick penis. Sometimes I just feel like, oh, that person knows! They just know what I did last night!

Here are my top 10 reasons to quit porn.

    10. You will gain No-Fap super powers. (No fap means no masturbation )

Some no-fap superpowers are: having a clear mind, being able to focus easily, having a stronger healthier body.  I’m going to do a whole podcast just on the no-fap super superpowers. So we’re going to move on to number nine.

  1. Bad Habits have Bad Friends.

If you are compulsively, masturbating to porn, more than likely you have some associated bad habits with it.  For example, I would compulsively masturbate to porn all day, sometimes not even eating and then going out and binge on fast food afterwards. How about you? One of my clients it was smoking. That was his associated bad habit. What other bad habits do you associate with viewing pornography? Perhaps compulsive gaming?

  1. Porn is bad for kids.

Have you heard of human trafficking? Human trafficking is sex trafficking and sex trafficking works hand in hand with the porn industry.  Kids are often trafficked. When you are viewing porn, you are fueling these sex traffickers. Often the sex portrayed by sex traffiicers is violence against women.

  1. Porn lowers your vibration.

What does that mean? Our bodies are electric. When you compulsively masturbate to porn, you are literally lowering your vibration. Are you trying to hide the porn?  That lowers your vibration? Are you shameful about the porn?  That really lowers your vibration? Would you want what you’re viewing to be on the news?  Would you be proud to teach your kids what you’re doing? If not that all lowers your vibration. Does your gut tell you this is wrong? That lowers your vibration. When you walk into a room, do you raise the vibration or do you lower the vibration?

  1. Porn can change your sexual preferences.

Maybe you started out with straight porn, then started watching transsexual porn, and you went from transsexual porn to gay porn. Along the same lines. You build up a tolerance to porn where you need something harder. I started off with Playboys as a kid, and I ended up with transexual porn and bukkake.  Or perhaps your sexual taste and tolerance build up to the point where you’re seeking illegal porn.

  1. Porn can break your penis.

Porn can lead to porn induced, erectile dysfunction (P.I.E.D.). That just means you’ve watched so much porn that you cannot get it up with a real live breathing, human being. Your penis broke. The largest demographic taking the little blue pill to get it up now is 20 year olds because they’ve watched porn since they were a little kids.  Along with that is premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation. In short porn can break your penis.

  1. Porn leads to depression.

When you view porn, you’re receiving a massive dump of feel-good chemicals like dopamine. You receive so much dopamine over time that porn is the only way that you can feel good anymore. Porn can numb you to every day pleasures and excessive porn use can also lead to social anxiety. Like I was saying earlier, I felt like the people I was talking to knew I was masturbating to porn.

      3. Porn waste your time and waste your life.

I have spent countless days, weeks, months, and years of my life compulsively masturbating to porn. I call it burning days.  Plus, you’re killing your productivity. For example, if you’re in sales, instead of prospecting are your masturbating? Is that, going to hurt your bottom line?  Or maybe instead of doing your schoolwork, you’re compulsively, masturbating to porn. Is that going to affect your grades?

Porn also cuts into your sleep time. I would stay up late at night, viewing porn and then have to wake up early the next day to go to school or go to work. I call it a porn hangover. There’s nothing worse than a porn hangover.  You turn into a porn zombie. Porn also kills your free time and it kills your time with family and friends. I can’t tell you how many times I skipped family and or friend events to stay home and compulsively, masturbate to porn.  There was always a direct correlation for me. If I was compulsively masturbating to porn, I was not pursuing my goals and dreams.

  1. Porn kills relationships.

Porn isolates us from almost everyone. Porn stops us from reaching out to real live people. I can remember countless times choosing to stay home and masturbate to porn rather than go out. Or I can remember going out with friends, seeing an attractive young lady. But choosing not to approach her for fear of rejection, instead of face that rejection, I chose to go home and masturbate to porn. Porn destroys marriages, according to a association of attorneys that deal with divorces. They say that porn is cited as a contributing factor to 47% of all divorce cases.  Wow. Porn can also fuel your lust for real world affairs. Are you going to let your marriage become one of those statistics?

  1. Porn destroys your self-esteem.

Some men in pornography videos have incredible physiques with six pack abs and …well…a …horse cock. Sorry, it is true.  I asked myself, how could I compete with that?  Porn destroyed my self-esteem. It lowered my motivation, it weakened my willpower, killed my creativity and made me feel shame.

A quick recap of the top 10 reasons to stop viewing pornography. 10 you’ll gain the no-fap superpowers. 9. Bad habits, beget bad habits. 8 Porn is bad for kids. 7. Porn lowers your vibration. 6.  Porn can change your sexual preferences. 5. Porn can break your penis.  4. Porn leads to depression. 3. Porn waste your time and waste your life. 2. Porn kills relationships.  And number 1. Porn destroys your self-esteem.

These are just a few, there are many more reasons to quit viewing porn.  Are you spending a lot of money on porn? The rich client that I was talking about at the beginning of the podcast, figured out his reasons to quit porn.  What are your reasons to quit porn?  Do you have the courage to do something about it?  E-mail me your top reasons to quit porn.  If you do, I’ll send you a FREE copy of my audio book, Everything You Know about Sex and Porn Addiction is Wrong.  Subtitled The 21 myths about sex and porn addiction. Drop me an e-mail at eric@powerfuleric.com.

I will close with a quote from Zig Ziglar  “You are what you are and where you are because of what has gone into your mind, but you can change what you are and change where you are by changing what goes into your magnificent mind.”

Eric Zuzack aka Powerful Eric is former Porn & Sex addict.  He has personally been there. Eric struggled through countless 12 step meetings for almost two decades with little success.  Then he discovered the science of mindfulness to quit porn.  That is when powerless Eric died and Powerful Eric was born.  He is now a certified Porn & Sex Addiction Recovery Coach.  Eric is also the host of the #1 porn & sex addiction podcast  “Porn Talk” available on Spotify & Apple Podcasts.  www.PornTalk.org  &  www.PowerfulEric.com


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